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Digital Coupons Offer valid for new subscribers only. Not valid on previous purchases. Offer cannot be combined with any other coupon offer or applied to a previous purchase. Offer valid only online purchase, Offer contains a Five-useable Digital coupon Code, Use for one order value one coupon only. The discounts apply to each and any qualified value purchased at the following thresholds:

  • Your purchase value is above Rs 1000 but below Rs 2000. [PRO100]
  • Your purchase value is above Rs 2000 but below Rs 3000. [PRO200]
  • Your purchase value is above Rs 3000 but below Rs 4000. [PRO300]
  • Your purchase value is above Rs 4000 but below Rs5000. [PRO400]
  • Your purchase value is above Rs.5000. [PRO500]
  • Your purchase value is above Rs. 100000. [PRO100]
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