Fly Catcher: The Ultimate Fly Control Solution

Say goodbye to pesky flies with the latest innovations in fly-catching technology. In this article, we will explore nine cutting-edge fly catcher products that are revolutionising the way we keep our spaces bug-free. Whether you’re dealing with flies indoors or outdoors, these products have got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of fly catchers and discover the features that make each product unique.

Newest USB Recharge Mosquito Killer Lamp

Price: $1.5

Say hello to a radiation-free and mute electric insect trap that guarantees a mosquito-free environment. With entrapment light source technology and a strong electric shock, this USB rechargeable mosquito killer boasts a high mosquito-killing rate and longer life. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it’s safe for pregnant women and children, making it a must-have for families. The lightweight design allows easy hanging, making it perfect for use on farms and during outdoor camping.

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2/4/6W Photocatalyst Mosquito Fly Killer Lamp

Price: $12.5

Illuminate your space while keeping it mosquito-free with this innovative fly killer lamp. Using two UV light bulbs to attract flying insects, this lamp employs a high-voltage metal grid for efficient insect elimination. With simple installation and easy maintenance, it’s a hassle-free solution to your bug problems. Choose from various power options and enjoy a peaceful, bug-free environment in your home.

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90 Degree Rotatable Mosquito Killer Lamp Electric Shocker

Price: $10.5

Experience the convenience of a 90-degree rotatable mosquito killer lamp with electric shock technology. This lamp’s design allows efficient adjustment of light direction, ensuring a higher success rate in mosquito elimination. The 365nm UV light is not only attractive to mosquitoes but also serves as a bug zapper trap. With a rechargeable lithium battery and a rotatable angle of 90 degrees, this device provides a comprehensive solution for mosquito control.

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Industrial fly trap: Upgraded Automatic Fly Trap Garden Pest Catcher

Price: $11.5

Tired of flies ruining your garden? Say no more with this upgraded automatic fly trap. USB rechargeable and environmentally friendly, this fly catcher offers a cost-effective solution. The five-groove design with reusable bait ensures high efficiency in fly capture. Suitable for various environments, from hotels to food courts, this device is your go-to solution for pest control.

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Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Light Bug Zapper Trap Solar Charging

Price: $7.5

Embrace eco-friendly bug control with this solar-charging mosquito killer lamp. Rechargeable and equipped with UV light bug zapper technology, this device efficiently attracts and eliminates mosquitoes. With adjustable brightness, it caters to different lighting requirements in outdoor spaces. Ideal for hiking, camping, and night activities, it’s a versatile solution for bug-free adventures.

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Uv bug trap: Mini Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Pest Repellent LED Trap Bug UV Light Zapper

Price: $3

Designed for small spaces, this mini mosquito killer lamp offers a poison-free solution to eradicate flying insects. With LED blue light technology, it lures and kills mosquitoes effectively. Suitable for various locations, including bedrooms, hotels, and offices, it provides a safe and eco-friendly approach to pest control.

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NEARCAM20W Mosquito Killer Rainproof 4000V Electric Shock Mosquito Killer

Price: $35.5

For larger outdoor areas, the NEARCAM20W Mosquito Killer is a powerful solution. With rainproof design and a 4000V electric shock, it ensures effective mosquito control even in challenging weather conditions. Follow the recommended usage tips to maximize its efficiency and keep your outdoor spaces mosquito-free.

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Non toxic fly trap: Electric Pest Killer USB Insect Pest Catcher

Price: $6

Discover a high-efficiency fly trap with this electric pest killer. Suitable for various environments, it’s made from super hard plastic for durability. Reusable and cost-effective, it provides a safe and non-toxic solution to pest control. Follow the easy-to-use instructions for optimal results in capturing flies.

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Net fly trap: Killer Pest Control Reusable Hanging Flytrap Cage

Price: $3.5

Hang this reusable flytrap cage in your desired location for an efficient and environmentally friendly fly control solution. With a high catch rate and easy operation, this fly catcher is suitable for various public places and outdoor environments. Choose from different package options to meet your specific needs.

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Fly Catcher Product Comparison

ProductFeatures and BenefitsPrice
Newest USB Recharge Mosquito Killer– Entrapment light source technology
– Harmless to humans, safe for pregnant women and children
– Long battery life, suitable for outdoor use
– 360° pest control
– Lightweight and portable
2/4/6W Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer– Two UV light bulbs attract flying insects
– High voltage metal grid for efficient insect elimination
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Various power options available
90 Degree Rotatable Mosquito Killer– 90-degree rotatable design for efficient mosquito control
– Electric shock feature for instant elimination
– 365nm UV light attracts and kills mosquitoes
– Doubles as a bug zapper trap
Upgraded Automatic Fly Trap– USB rechargeable and reusable
– Physical fly traps, safe and non-toxic
– High-efficiency capture
– Suitable for various environments
– Cost-effective solution
Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp– Rechargeable battery, no need for constant battery replacement
– UV light bug zapper technology
– Solar charging for eco-friendliness
– Adjustable brightness for different settings
Mini Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp– Poison-free and eco-friendly
– LED blue light lures and kills mosquitoes
– Suitable for small spaces
– Ideal for bedrooms, hotels, and offices
NEARCAM20W Mosquito Killer– Rainproof design, suitable for outdoor use
– 4000V electric shock for effective mosquito control
– Recommended usage tips for optimal results
Electric Pest Killer USB Insect Catcher– High-efficiency capture
– Reusable and cost-effective
– Super hard plastic material for durability
– Suitable for various environments
Fly Catcher Reusable Hanging Flytrap– Highly efficient and environmentally friendly
– Suitable for various public places and outdoor environments
– Reusable and cost-effective
– Available in different package options


Experience the future of fly control with these innovative fly catcher technologies. From USB rechargeable lamps to solar-charging bug zappers, these products cater to different needs and environments. Say goodbye to pesky flies and embrace a bug-free lifestyle today!

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change. Please check the respective product links for the latest information.

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